by Varunika

Varunika is the author of the Best selling Book “Women and Their World – Tales of Love, Loss and Survival”. The book is a collection of 7 short stories revolving around women in various walks of life. She has also written the e-Book “The Road to Redemption”, She has co-authored 2 anthologies, “Stories from India – Vol 3″ and “Purrfect Surprise”. 

Thelotusflowerdiary is her own blogging venture. She also blogs at the prestigious platform of Momspresso

Varunika hails from the bountiful hills of Uttarakhand. Born in the quaint and picturesque town of Nainital, she has had a splendid and blissful childhood reposing under the shade of Deodar and Pine trees, frolicking around the lake. That part of her childhood always finds a place in her stories.

Varunika holds a degree in Agriculture Sciences and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management, both from two premiere institutions in this country. She began her professional life with a leading Multinational Bank and chose the field of education eventually. She has worked closely with several educational institutions both as a management faculty and a communication and life skills trainer.

It is Motherhood, however, which taught her the most.

Mother to two upbeat and gregarious girls and wife to a skillful sailor, she happily juggles all the roles of an anchor, a hull, a rudder, and a propeller of the ship called family.

While she chases her kids like a phantom mother throughout the week, she enjoys her weekend in the company of a good book, her camaraderie with a pen, and the smell of freshly baked cakes in her oven.

Writing knocked on her door without prior notice during the pandemic, and she has embraced it with open arms, exploring and winging it, with love and care. She considers herself a work-in-progress writer, someone who endeavors to brew positivity and a lot of good through her writings, in this world’s big hot cauldron.  It is her keen desire to give words to the simple joys of life that play a significant role in making our life worthwhile. Through her writing, she hopes to deliver a smile and some perspective.

Her mantra in life is simple… In the sands of time, you must build all you can, with all the love you have! –