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TAKE YOUR TIME & HURRY UP written by JOEY KIDNEY is a book for those young millennials who are in search of some comfort amidst their confusing adulting journey. The book encapsulates a plethora of situations and issues that the young author faced as he transitioned from his teens to the twenties.

Joe Kidney is a young social media star who shares snippets of his life through his various channels like YouTube & Instagram, boasting of a huge following. The book chronicles his journey from an Anorexic kid to a confused teenager to his tryst with depression and heartbreak to the process that helped him battle them.

The most benevolent aspect of the book is that it doesn’t claim to give any solution; rather it has been written with the intent of providing support, comfort, and hope to several young individuals who may be sailing in the same boat.

The author has shared a plethora of issues that a young individual could face navigating through the adulting process. These include:

  • Shame & Anxiety
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Depression
  •  Substance abuse
  • Toxicity in relationships
  • Heartbreak
  • Being Socially awkward
  • Dating Advice
  • Self- Acceptance and its importance

And through it all, he has maintained his stance – You are not alone. And that it will get better with time.  

The inclusion of not just life’s lessons but real experiences from his life, adds an element of interest and drama to the book. There is a chapter in which the author has shared that there was a time that as a social media celebrity, he was living in a bubble where he needed to share any and everything about his life on YouTube. Eventually, it became toxic and he learned his lesson well. He stopped sharing everything and began to choose his content consciously. He decided to live more and share with discretion.

I thought it was rather brave of him to drop such truth bombs from his life. Most internet sensations today wouldn’t dare admit even a silly mistake in the race to put up a perfect life!

While I did find myself differing on certain points with the author’s views and style of writing, I do feel drawn to quite a few lines as they had an inherent Vow factor about them.  

For instance: Your resolution should not be things that depress you, they should be things that encourage you to wake up every day and live.

It is evident that the book has been written from a place of pain and self-acceptance. The book advocates the importance of holding inner dialogues and spending time with the self rather than the world outside. Most importantly, it lays emphasis on the fact that one should not function according to the timeline of the people around us, rather our growth should be self-paced and commensurate to our abilities.

The language used is largely conversational, and colloquial; far from many verbose pieces of this genre that are difficult to grasp by the young generation. Teenagers and young adults will find it relatable and easy to comprehend. The no-frills, friendly style of writing is the USP of the book in my opinion; Considering the target readers.

To conclude, in the author’s words:

This book is dedicated to all of those with floating thoughts, broken hearts, lost souls, and who just want to feel heard.

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